How To View Privacy protected Unclickable Facebook profile picture


How To View Privacy protected Unclickable Facebook profile picture – We often come across Some profiles with Unclickable profile pictures (display photos) in Facebook. Unclickable Profile Pictures means, The FB Profile Pictures Which We can’t See complete view(original Uploaded picture) or Those Images that won’t respond when we click on them in the profiles, i.e We can’t open in the Image Viewer in FB. They are protected with privacy setting “Only ME” or “Friends Only”, that is why we can’t able to see those.

What if we saw profile of our childhood friend in Fb, but want to make its definitely him/her who we are thinking. what if their profile picture is unclickable and the visible small image is not so clear. Here comes the handy hack which is very useful. With this trick we can view any privacy protected facebook proflile picture.

Note: This trick is for educational purpose and please don’t disturb others privacy.

Inorder to Explain this trick I created a Fake FB profile. I Made the Profile Picture Unclickable as explained in the article “How to Make Your Facebook Profile Picture Unclickable”.(Link provide above).

Follow the steps to view Privacy protected FB profile Picture:

STEP 1: Go To The Facebook Profile Which has a Unclickable Profile Picture that you want to see.

STEP 2: Their User id from the browser url bar is similar to this “”.

Step 3: Copy the in the Url of the profile with privacy protected FB Profile Picture and paste in notepad.Here you have to copy the area which will be in bluecolor position.

Step 4: Now replace the “Paste-Userid-here” in the below link with “User.Id” you copied in step 3.

Step 5: Now the link looks like

Step 6: Copy the link and paste it in the url bar of browser. Click “Enter” and see the full image.



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